Serena Smith


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Always lost to memory ... is the point at which these disconnected fragments coalesce ... the moment when what these things add up to is something instinctively recognisable as home.

The Reside Residency
January - July 2016

published writings from the Reside Residency
a bookwork of miscellaneous printed papers with digitally printed text

At a first glance, not to disturb the ground I trod carefully, thinking the creature might still be there. But on closer inspection the snake had gone, eased itself out, neatly shed the skin, and moved on. Leaving behind this translucent doppelganger, a ghostlike facsimile of every scale.  For millennia, this elegant undressing must have been repeated. Remembered in the tracery of this discarded shell, imprinted in the geometric design of interlocking filigree, duplicated in each cell of the intricate patina, returned to and replayed, each time the same but different; the force of nature's habit.

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